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Benefits of leasing

Benefits of leasing

Leasing from SG Finans has a number of advantages and is a very good alternative to other forms of financing such as loan financing or using equity to finance equipment.
  • Up to 100% financing
  • Frees operating capital to be used in other areas
  • Faster tax entry of investment expenses
  • Tax deductions are larger for leasing than for loans, because the total depreciation with loan finance is lower than the total rental costs in the lease period
  • No advance payment of VAT on the date of acquisition
  • Does not tie up the company's other collatoral options, because we normally only take collatoral in the equipment
  • Financial spread
  • Simple budgeting and accounting, since the lease is expensed completely.
  • Improved liquidity. Costs are distributed over the period the equipment is used and are generating earnings
  • Flexibility. Leasing payments can be adapted to earnings, allowing for seasonal fluctuations
  • Write-down of the equipment in line with loss of equipment value
  • Enables outdated equipment to be regularly replaced with up-to-date, efficient equipment
  • Full right of use of the equipment. It is the right of use, not the ownership, that creates the basis for income and profits
  • Better ratio on the balance sheet, because the leasing objects are not normally capitalised in the accounts
  • Opportunities for joint operation with several farmers entering a joint leasing agreement (agriculture)

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